Commercial electrical work requires an expert’s hand. Because your business relies on technology for many aspects of communication and production, efficient electrical systems are a must. However, it goes beyond remaining operational and responsive to customers. Electrical work must be performed correctly to ensure your property, staff and customers remain safe.

It just takes one misstep in the wiring or other electrical components to greatly increase the risk for fire or electrocution. So how do you know what to look for in a commercial electrician? Here are the top qualities that make a good electrician.

Problem Solver

A commercial electrician needs to adapt to specific challenges they find at each job site. They often need to be creative to provide safe installation due to unexpected challenges they encounter. A good commercial electrician will easily make decisions on how to tackle installing an outlet where no wires are running, or how to come up with a way to place your photocopier in the center of your open-concept office space. When discussing your job, see if they contribute to the conversation making suggestions or asking questions to get more details. This is a sign you’ve probably found a problem solver.

The Right License and Skills

This is an obvious one, but especially important. While having a license is the first step, you also want to know they are bringing experience to the table. What projects have they completed? What solutions can they offer? Your electrician also requires excellent communication skills. You want them to be able to explain clearly why a job must be done a certain way, keep you updated on progress and identify cost requirements accurately.

If your electrician is too technical in their explanations, it can lead to bad decisions on your part. How can you possibly make the right call if you don’t understand the situation? Also, if they are not forthcoming with explanations about costs, they might be taking advantage of your lack of knowledge.


The problem with this quality is you might find out the hard way your electrician isn’t dependable. There are a few things to watch for:
● Did they promptly answer your first call or at least return your call quickly?
● Did they make themselves available to discuss your job and provide a quote?
● Did they arrive on time for your initial consultation or meeting?

● How are their online reviews?
If they aren’t available from the start, continue to be elusive or fail to arrive on time, chances are they aren’t very dependable.

Good Time Management

Considering electricians are charged by the hour, you want them to finish the job on time. You want to know they understand how long something will take so their quotes are accurate. Often an electrician with poor time management skills will be noticeably off in their estimates compared to their competitors. If a quote comes in much higher or lower than the rest, be wary.


Commercial electricians need to present themselves in a professional manner. If they hand you an estimate on a scrap of paper, show up looking disheveled and harassed, fail to return your calls, don’t seem to keep records of past jobs, or just seem disorganized, move on. If you find a commercial electrician with all or most of these qualities, snatch them up quickly.