Read this if you want to live! No, but seriously, there are tons of reasons why you should hire a commercial electrician to perform electrical installations in Calgary. These electrical contractors are pros for a reason. Electricity is not something to fool around with. Electricity can be extremely dangerous if you’re not competently trained to work with it. And yes, I am totally trying to sway you into using a professional Calgary electrician.

There are many reasons to hire a professional electrician. In this post, we will talk about the top reasons to hire a professional for electrical installations. Hiring a commercial electrician helps with peace of mind, increases the safety factor, guarantees work, and will save you time and ultimately money.

1. Safety - The most obvious reason to hire an experienced electrician is that it vastly increases your safety factor. Electricians are trained to understand how electricity acts and how much of an electrical load switches and breakers can take. They are also trained to adhere to correct building code processes and procedures. This training reduces the chance of electrical shock and fires. Not understanding these aspects can result in injury or even death. You don’t want to take that chance.

2. Troubleshooting – Commercial electricians are trained to use a variety of tools to troubleshoot problems with your electrical system. They can do this much quicker and safer than the average home or business owner. Quick, accurate troubleshooting by an electrical contractor saves time and provides you with peace of mind. You don’t want to guess as to what’s wrong with your electrical system only to have it blow up in your face.

3. Money – Many do-it-your-self enthusiasts are trying to save a few bucks. But, in the long run, this can backfire badly. Beyond having to buy all of the proper tools, just imagine what would happen if you performed an electrical installation that resulted in a fire. What do you think the chances are that your insurance company would end up paying for damages? You could even be fined for not following building code practices. Practices that professional electricians are trained to follow. You should also consider the resell value of your home or business. It will go along way if you can show that any electrical upgrades or installations were performed by a professional electrician.

4. Device and Appliance Protection – Your devices and appliances represent a substantial financial investment. Do you really want to risk damaging them by performing a faulty electrical installation or service? You will best protect your appliances and devices by using a professional electrical service. Warranty and insurance may not cover you if your household electrical items are damaged due to improper or unprofessional installation.

5. Licensed, Insured, and Guaranteed – One of the best reasons to use an electrical contractor service is that they are licensed, insured, and guarantee their work. If your electrician messes up an installation, they will come back and fix it for free. Their insurance will also cover you if that mistake results in a fire or damage to your devices or appliances. Insurance also offers a recourse if something as tragic as an injury or death occurs.

6. Education and Experience – Obviously, a trained and ticketed electrician is going to have education and experience to draw on that can’t be matched by the average person. These pros go to school, and then are apprenticed, and then become journeymen electricians. This process takes years, and during this process, they acquire unmatched experience.

7. Adherence to Building Codes – Do you know what gauge of wire is required for an installation? Do you know how much load a breaker can handle? Do you even understand the building codes? You need to. If an inspector comes in and you haven’t followed building codes, you’re going to have to fix it, start over, or hire an electrician anyway to cover your butt - just another sound reason to hire a professional electrical contractor.

Trust your electrical system and components to professional electrical contractors. Hey. We’re not saying you shouldn’t change your own light bulbs; we’re just saying consider the merits of using a licensed electrician for your electrical needs. Stay safe.