Residential electrical systems are vastly different from commercial or industrial systems. Attention to detail is needed when designing and installing A residential electrical system. We have worked with several contractors and residential home designers in the past and understand how these electrical systems work. Our technicians will make sure proper circuitry and fixtures are installed on your property. Our electricians in Calgary have ample experience with residential properties. If you want an upgraded electrical panel, renovations or a service call in your home or your client's home, don't hesitate to give us a call. Learn More


We work primarily with commercial clients and have a strong foothold in the field. Different businesses have different electrical requirements. We take all your needs into consideration and install a system that works for you and is safe to use. We will also install electrical systems that support delicate equipment like servers, data banks, and computers. We have the skill and equipment to completely outfit your property and install all light fixtures, conduit, wiring, switchboards, and access points you need. Learn More

Electrical Contractor

We can design, plan, install, and maintain electrical systems for residential and commercial properties. Our skilled technicians have worked on electrical contracting projects a number of times and understand what's involved. They'll take the measurements, look at the property carefully, and source quality products for installation. We also offer maintenance services to ensure your wires are in good condition and the systems are safe to use. We'll make sure there's no damage that can lead to fires and other such incidents. If you want a reliable Calgary electrical contractor, you don't need to look beyond us. Learn More