Residential Service

Residential projects are often challenging because they have different kinds of fixtures and appliances present in them. Property owners are also very concerned about the aesthetics and safety of all the electrical systems in their home. At Crew Electrical Service, we’ve worked with a number of residential builders and contractors so we know what goes into these projects. As a Calgary electrical contractor we will:

  • Work with the contractors and designers to install a functional and efficient electrical system on the property.
  • Discuss energy-efficiency and related products.
  • Source all products required for the project or repair including wires, fixtures, switchboards, etc.
  • Double check everything to ensure the system works perfectly so you don’t have to worry about any accidents like fire and major malfunctions due to poorly installed electrical systems.
  • Work safe and efficient at all times

We also source quality products from reliable manufacturers so you can trust the quality of the electrical installations and fixtures. We’ll also make sure the electrical system is up to code so it will pass all inspections upon the completion of the house. If you want reliable and efficient services, should contact us today.