As electricity plays an important part in our modern lifestyle, as soon as there is an issue, we notice.  Call an Electrician immediately.  The sooner the problem is addressed, the less likely it will become a bigger problem.  Make sure to contact a reputable and certified professional like the team at Calgary and area Crew Electrical Services.  There are some things that you can do in advance to prepare for the Electrician appointment.

Plan Ahead, Gather Information

What do you need the Electrician to do? Are you getting something fixed that is causing problems? Are you able to identify the area where the problem begins or ends? Is there only one issue or multiple issues? What impact does the issue have on how you use your home or your devices? Are you upgrading your wiring or circuitry? Does your breaker panel need updating? Do you want the Electrician to do an inspection of the wiring?  If the facility is older, this could be a proactive way to save time and money.  It is common knowledge that prevention is going to cost less and be much more convenient than significant repairs.  The better you can communicate your expectations to the Electrician, the better the Electrician can meet or surpass your expectations.

 Question Before

Once the Electrician is on-site at your home or business, they are on the clock.  So, if you have any questions or would like direction, ask ahead of time.  It is in your best interest to do your “due diligence”.  Ask the Contractor about their qualifications to make sure the work is done by a certified Electrician.  Ask the following:

  • Are you certified, bonded and insured?
  • Who will be doing the work?
  • How many years of experience does this Electrician have?
  • Do you have a business license? This question is usually asked of an independent Electrician.
  • Do you offer a warranty for your work? What does it cover and for how long?
  • How do you bill? You want to know if you are being charged by the hour or “by the job”? Usually, an hourly rate covers all labour, but parts would be an additional expense.  “By the job” may look at a variety of components besides time and supplies.  This could include the complexity of the work, risk factors, travel time, and the certification level of the Electrician(s) doing the job.
  • Do you have references?

Prepare the Workspace, Move Obstructions

If you have discussed the purpose of calling in a professional, the Electrician should have a good idea of what areas of your facility will need to be accessed.  It is more than likely that the Contractor will need to get to the breaker box.  They will likely need to be able to turn off the power in various locations, and access areas where issues occur or inspections are required.  Clear the spaces as much as possible.  If there are fragile objects near, remove them.  Move furniture and carpets near walls that may be opened.  Drywall dust is difficult to move from fabric and not that much fun to clean off any type of flooring.

Empty the Home

However, in the new COVID-19 environment, it is proper health etiquette to clear people out of the home or business. This is a safe practice for the people being removed and for the worker coming into the environment. That said, you or someone with decision-making ability should be available for easy access.  If something unexpected comes up and no one is available to make a decision, the work might have to stop and possibly be rescheduled.  This is not only inconvenient but would add to the cost of the project, especially if it is in a business environment.

To the Finish Line

In your initial discussions with the Contractor, you discussed what needed to be done. You planned when the job would be completed and what it would cost overall.  One component you want to address is what the place would look like after the project.  Will you need to put up new drywall and repaint? Will it be a small fix or the whole wall? Will the Contractor be responsible for clearing the mess made, or will that be up to you?

Once the work is complete, or the inspection has been done, ask, “what’s next?” or “what’s left?”  Use the opportunity to install any energy-saving fixtures that you can. Motion detector switches are great for outdoor use and add the bonus of helping with security.  Fixtures that can support LED or fluorescent bulbs will save money as well.

Now you know how to prepare for a visit from a professional Electrical contractor like those at Calgary’s Crew Electrical Services.

Author Bio: Cory Magee is a Red Seal, Calgary electrician and co-founder of Crew Electrical Services. If you require professional electrical services for your residential or commercial project, call Crew Electrical today at 403.909.0888 or email us at We are open from 7 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. Visit our secure website at to find out more.