Electricity is one of the most valued commodities available to the public.  We use it for everything; it basically powers our life.  Electricity generates our computers, phones, cooking implements, cold storage, entertainment components.  The list goes on.  On the other side of things, electricity is one of the most dangerous elements out there. So, if you plan on having any wiring done, whether it is for a home renovation or fixing a loose wire at your office, CALL A PROFESSIONAL!  This cannot be stressed enough.  Our team at Crew Electrical is just the kind of professional you want on your job.  They are experienced,  safety-conscious and insured.  They have all the right stuff. There are numerous reasons why you should always choose a professional electrician.

The # ONE reason is Safety

Safety is and always should be the main reason to hire a licensed electrician.  They are trained and have a thorough understanding of the intricacies involved working with a live entity like electricity.  They need the right equipment, the right protective gear, the knowledge of local codes and power levels and, of course, safety training.  Not using a professional puts you at risk, more importantly, your family. If a repair is done incorrectly, it might create long terms safety hazards such as shock or fire.

The # TWO reason is Cost

It is interesting, but many licensed electricians report that many of their calls come from DIY homeowners who thought they could tackle a repair themselves.  In some of those cases, the handy homeowner has made the problem worse.  So, the dollars they thought they would save end up costing much more than they were hoping to save.  Another cost crusher is finding out your insurance will not cover the damage, whether it be fire, scorch marks or smoke damage.  It really is more cost-effective to hire a professional the first time.  It will save money and give you peace of mind that the job has been done correctly – and safely.

The # THREE reason is Troubleshooting

Frequently, an electrician will go to a job to make a repair or install additional wiring and find that there are a whole lot of other issues hiding behind the drywall.  Only an experienced and knowledgeable professional will be able to identify issues and diagnose problems.  It really is frustrating for the electrician to find shoddy workmanship or ignored safety standards.  Any repair or new wiring must meet the safety standards of the area in which you live.  Professionals will know these codes.

The # FOUR reason is Qualifications

It takes several years to become a certified electrician.  Many hours of experience must be accrued, levels of testing after each year of apprenticeship.  It takes four years of apprenticeship before you can earn a Journeyman certification. Alberta has one of the highest standards of training in all the trades. If your electrician is an Alberta certified Red Seal, you have the professional at the top of the trade.  Since Alberta’s standards are recognized as the highest in the country, all our electricians are an excellent choice.  In fact, tradespeople from other provinces are required to meet Alberta standards to work in their industry here.

You have decided to take the best step by deciding to hire a licensed electrician.  Smart move.  Next astute choice … call Crew Electric.  Our Crew has Red Sel Certified Electricians. They are Licensed and Insured and willing to share their expertise with you.  Give them a call at 403-778-7668 or email

info@crewelelectricservices.ca.  Crew Electrical serves Calgary and the surrounding area.