An emergency electrical repair usually costs several times what planned maintenance and repair services cost. There are many more reasons to have a maintenance service contract with a reputed electrical contractor. A service contract also means you are taking a proactive approach to improve productivity and reduce costs. Thus, it can provide both emergency call services and preventative maintenance services.

What does a typical service contract cover?
A typical electrical service contract can cover the following things:

  • Inspection of the panel for its condition, contaminants, heat damage, and moisture damage.
  • Check damaged or loose breakers, double tapped fuse or breakers, proper clearance, proper breaker/fuse size and usage, double-tapped breakers/fuse, breaker temperatures, and missing knockout connectors
  • Inspect wire fill in panels
  • Inspect wire bonding and grounding
  • Check overall conduit condition

And much more.

If you delay or miss regular inspections and maintenance, it can mean increased service work and reduced productivity (in commercial buildings). Power issues can creep in and increase damage repair costs. So it is important that you choose the right commercial or residential electrical contractors for your building and have a service contract with them.

Emergency Help a Call Away
When you have a service contract with your electrical contractor, emergency help is just a call away. You can have peace of mind that your electrical problem will be addressed quickly and at an affordable price. Whenever a problem arises, you will know whom to call. The professionals will also have knowledge of your electrical systems.

Electrical emergencies cannot wait. The best electrical contractors have dedicated emergency service teams with service trucks equipped with all the tools, equipment, and parts, thus saving you valuable time and preventing any inconveniences.

Ensure Everyone’s Safety
Electrical maintenance contracts also provide peace of mind with regard to safety. Proper operation of your electrical systems is important from different perspectives. It is normal for homeowners and business owners to think that their electrical systems are working in order. Any unseen electrical problems can be hazardous for your family or employees. Many times unseen issues can cause surge is power consumption and can turn into unwanted drain on your finances.

There are many types of unseen electrical issues including:

  • Faulty connections
  • Loose parts
  • Exposure to moisture

These issues can gradually lead to electrical failure or accidents. Preventative maintenance can help in the identification and fixing of these problems. You can have experienced electricians inspect your system on a regular basis and fix any potential issue in its early stage. This can prevent expensive and unnecessary breakdowns, thus saving you the hassles and expenses of major repairs.

A high-quality electrical contractor will ensure that you are fully satisfied with the work. Some companies will redo the job until it meets your expectations. You should expect to receive full warranty on both labor and parts.

Electrical wiring and systems come with a wide range of complications. Problems and emergencies can arise any time of the day. Any electrical system malfunction can put your building and its inhabitants in danger. When you have a service contract, you can call on your electricians at any time to fix the issues. Make sure to look for a contractor that has a dedicated team for emergencies that is fully equipped to handle all types of situations.