Your business can be faced with an unexpected crisis that can shut you down for weeks. From floods to storm damage and fires to break-ins, when faced with massive damage to your site, not only does it interfere with operations, but it also puts your team in danger. If you experience a crisis caused by disaster or break-ins, a commercial electrician can safely help you get up and running quickly.

Assessing Damaged Equipment

Even small amounts of water can lead to the danger of electrocution. In the case where water is involved a commercial electrician will assess equipment that has been submerged or exposed to water. They will not only assess equipment but all electrical elements such as breakers, fuses, disconnect switches and surge protective devices. If these elements are completely submerged, they will need to be replaced.

More importantly, entering areas with these elements in contact with water is extremely dangerous. A commercial electrician will understand the precautions necessary to access areas safely. Common dangers following storms and flooding within a business include:

    1. Electrical equipment
    2. Panelboards
    3. Switchgears
    4. Motor control centers
    5. Boilers and boiler controls
    6. Electric motors
    7. Transformers
    8. Receptacles
    9. Switches such as those for light fixtures
    10.Electric heaters

These common elements might seem harmless at first glance, but many people have inadvertently been shocked by simply turning on a switch.

Electrical Wiring

Electrical wiring runs throughout any building behind the walls, in the floors and in the ceiling. Only a commercial electrician can determine the extent of hidden electrical damage safely. They will assess the situation and know what action is required. They have a working knowledge of electrical systems and can safely replace damaged wiring and equipment that might seem fine to the untrained eye.

Wiring and electrical components cannot be left to dry out. This is very dangerous and can result in many hazards including the risk of shock and fire. A licensed electrical contractor will evaluate and repair damage whether it is due to water, or structural damage that interferes with the electrical equipment and wiring.

Improving Electrical Safety

Once your commercial electrician completes the repairs, they can also assist in helping improve electrical safety in your building. They can advise on issues with the electrical infrastructure and recommend modernization strategies that will help prevent severe damage in the future. It will also improve electrical safety bringing anything out of the ordinary up to code. It is not uncommon to encounter electrical work not performed by professionals. Once the crisis is over, commercial electricians will report on the issues they discover to assist in creating a safe electrical system to avoid potential electrical crises in the future.

Business owners and executives have a responsibility to keep their team safe from potential safety hazards that arise during a disaster. Without the input of a commercial electrician all employees are at risk for making mistakes when approaching their workstations. Although shorting and electrocution hazards in some cases are obvious, underlying issues with relays and fuses could still be energized and become dangerous. A commercial electrician will ensure these hazards are removed.