Often people choose to only install exterior lights in the most obvious places such as the porch, over the garage or on the patio. However, exterior light installation should be used on every side of your home to provide proper security, safety, and curb appeal. Here we review how to find exterior lights for your entire home.

Front Door and Entry Area

This is the most obvious area for exterior lighting. You should have a light directly at your front door as well as your entry area. This keeps things safer while creating a welcoming glow. Your front lights are important as they are very noticeable and should reflect the same sense of style as the architecture of your home. To get the proper fit, you want your front door lights to be about one third to one-quarter of the height of your front door.

Anything smaller will look silly and anything larger will be overwhelming and possibly interfere with easy access to your home. Look for lights that will fit well at eye level for your front door, ideally sconces or wall lights. If your front area features uncommonly high space, you should install the light slightly higher than the traditional 72 inches above the porch floor.

Garage Area Lights

Always match your garage lights to your front door and entry lights if your garage is at the front of the home. Most garages require either a single light centred above the garage door or flanked on the side. For double or triple garages you can see what is more aesthetically pleasing, such as two on the outside of the doors, or one between each door. For single garages, if you opt to place the light on the side, always place it on the side closest to your front entry.

This will help cast more light on your pathway. Sizing should be based on the same rules as your front door lighting. If your garage door is at the back or side of the house, you can save some money and purchase lights that are more functional than stylish. Back and side garages can also work well with motion-sensing lights which light up when you approach.

Outdoor Patio Lights

Your patio lights should also match the design of your home. Many homeowners choose the same lighting as their front and garage lights for consistency. However, because the lights are separate you can feel free to choose another design more flattering to your outdoor space. Lights should be positioned wherever there are doors leading outside, as well as areas where you commonly sit at night. This would be around your deck or porch as well as your barbecue and dining areas.

Lights are positioned like your front door and should be size appropriate in relation to where they are placed. Backyards should also have ample lighting at the pool, as well as along pathways. Often, using spike style solar lighting works well for these areas.

Side Lights

Although you might not access every side of your home, lighting is still recommended. The easiest and most affordable option is to use motion-sensitive lights. This adds security to keep intruders away while casting light should you need to venture out to these areas at night. Also make sure to include lighting along other paths, such as a side path leading from your garage to your backyard.

While all homes are different these guidelines will ensure you address every side of your home. Speak to your Calgary electrician for advice on how to make the most of your exterior light installations.