Commercial Service

Commercial properties are large, complex, and have specific requirements. You can't just hire a regular electrical service; you need to hire a professional with experience in commercial electrical systems. The commercial wiring, lighting, and, electrical features should be able to withstand the harsh industry environment. At Crew Electrical Services, we have an experienced crew that can handle all kinds of commercial projects. Here's how our technicians will help you:
  • Service Contracts and Calls – We will make sure your electrical system is installed correctly and efficient through regular maintenance. This will help you avoid extensive damage.
  • Retrofit Projects – If your commercial property has old lighting and your electrical system is outdated, you can call our professionals to retrofit your property with energy efficient solutions.
  • New Construction – We have the skill and equipment needed to handle a complete new installation small or large.
  • Recommendations on Efficiency - We can also ensure your electrical system is up to date and energy-efficient safe equipment. Our technicians are familiar with the products available in the market and only install safe electrical equipment.
If you want a reliable commercial electrician, don't hesitate to give us a call. We'll dispatch our technicians to your location quickly to ensure you get prompt attention.