Important Areas for Commercial Electrical Retrofit Projects
Written by: Drew

When it comes to commercial retrofit projects, you should consider replacing your old electrical systems and lighting. Experienced contractors can help you make energy efficient choices that also make things more convenient. Explore the different advantages of a commercial retrofit project. ...

March 29 , 2018

6 New Energy Efficient Technologies for Your Home
Written by: Cory Magee

Everyone contemplates ways to increase their home’s energy efficiency. As new technology emerges across the horizon, there are more energy-efficient systems that can help you reduce energy consumption in your home. Here are 6 new systems that can help you make your home more energy efficient. 1. Highly Efficient Heat Pumps New energy-efficient heat pumps are going to save energy by moving warm and cool air between different areas in your home. Mult...

March 22 , 2018

Why should Smoke Detectors be Tested Every Year & Replaced After 10 Years?
Written by: Drew

Smoke detectors are a must-have for residential and commercial buildings. These are life-saving devices and it is recommended to install them in different rooms. As important it is to install these systems, it is equally important to have them tested annually to ensure that they are operational and continue to work without any issues. It is also important to have the detectors replaced every 10 years to ensure reliability. This guide explains the importance ...

March 12 , 2018

4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Use LED Lights
Written by: Cory Magee

LED lights represent that latest in the field of energy-efficient lighting technology. LED is an acronym for Light Emitting Diode and has emerged as the most efficient and one of the most reliable lighting systems for both residential and commercial settings. It consumes almost 85% lesser energy compared to incandescent lights and is the ideal way to increase your energy savings. Besides the advantages of energy efficiency, these lights also last much lon...

February 28 , 2018