6 Signs of Electrical Problem in Your Home
Written by: Cory Magee

Many homes have one or the other type of electrical problems. Most homeowners ignore the signs of potential problems, allowing the issues to deteriorate over time. There are many signs that can alert you of an impending electrical hazard. Never take such signs lightly and get professional help in time. Here are 6 signs that can indicate an electrical problem in your home. 1. Frequent Circuit Breaker Trips If the circuit breaker in your home trips ...

May 31 , 2018

5 Benefits of Energy Storage Systems in Renewable Energy Generation
Written by: Drew

Almost all regions have a certain amount of renewable energy generating capacity. There is an increased demand for renewable energy integration into traditional utility systems. Energy storage is at the heart of this strategy and its benefits extend across all areas of the system. This includes power generation, distribution, and transmission. Find out how integrated energy distribution services are benefiting from energy storage solutions. 1. Adding Reli...

May 17 , 2018

4 Potential Electrical Risks in Homes
Written by: Cory Magee

Your home is your family’s safe retreat and it is your duty to keep it safe for your loved ones. But there is a wide range of potential electric risks that can make your home unsafe. This can include outdated wiring or poorly installed wiring or electrical outlets near water sources. Here are 4 such potential hazards that should be addressed in every home. 1. Poor or Outdated Wiring Outdated or poor wiring can increase the risk of fire, arc faults,...

April 27 , 2018

How to Choose an Electrician for New Construction Projects?
Written by: Drew

When it comes to building a new house, it is important that you choose an electrician who is specialized in new constructions. New construction projects require different kind of experience from the one required for working on existing buildings. So what should you consider when looking for the right electrical contractor for your new residential construction. Factors to Consider There are general purpose electricians who could be wiring a ...

April 24 , 2018

5 Factors for Choosing the Best Residential Contractor
Written by: Cory Magee

If you are looking for an electrical contractor for your home, it is important to choose someone with the perfect combination of experience and reliability. They should be licensed and insured and should have the expertise in the kind of electrical systems you are interested in. Here are 5 factors to consider when choosing the best contractors. 1. Ask for an up-to-date License Ask the contractor if they are licensed and whether their license is up to...

April 06 , 2018