What are the Different Types of Electrical Panels?
Written by: Drew

The electrical panel is the system that distributes electric current to different circuits in a building. It transfers current between circuits while ensuring that the transfer is safe. The panel also breaks up electrical power into sub-circuits. But there are even more purposes to it. It also plays an important role in protecting you against accidents like short circuits. There are different types of panels that vary in terms of their technologies and applicat...

July 19 , 2018

How to Improve Electrical Energy Efficiency in Your Commercial Building?
Written by: Cory Magee

Electrical energy is the main source of energy for commercial buildings even when there is growing emphasis on renewable energy sources. Energy efficiency has become an increasingly bigger factor for both business owners and homeowners. Whether you are constructing a new building or renovating an old one, it has become more important than ever to take energy efficiency into account. Need for Higher Energy Efficiency for Commercial Buildings Most comm...

July 05 , 2018

Importance of Electrical Maintenance Service Contracts
Written by: Drew

An emergency electrical repair usually costs several times what planned maintenance and repair services cost. There are many more reasons to have a maintenance service contract with a reputed electrical contractor. A service contract also means you are taking a proactive approach to improve productivity and reduce costs. Thus, it can provide both emergency call services and preventative maintenance services. What does a typical service contract cover?...

June 28 , 2018

Electrical Permit Requirements for Commercial & Residential Buildings
Written by: Cory Magee

Any electrical installation in a new building will need electrical permits. Similarly, all electrical renovations are also going to need permits. Your certified electrical contractor can apply for the permit on your behalf. In some cases, the building owners can also apply for the permits. Homeowners, residing or intending to reside in the building, can also apply for the electrical permits themselves. However, commercial building owners will have to apply for ...

June 21 , 2018

6 Points to Consider When Choosing an Electrical Repair Service
Written by: Drew

An electrical problem at your home demands immediate response from a professional electrical service. It can however be quite difficult to find a company that offers excellent customer service, immediate response, and accurate quotes. There are many such factors to be considered when choosing the right residential electrical repair and installation service. 1. Communication Even before you choose a commercial electrical service, it is important to ev...

June 07 , 2018