16 Residential Electrical Safety Tips for Every Homeowner
Written by: Cory Magee

A home is meant to be a safe place for everyone. Ironically, electrical power poses one of the biggest safety risks in homes. It is a source of power that you cannot afford to live without. So when it comes to your family’s safety, you have to be extra careful about preventing any hazards. Here are 10 electrical safety rules that all homeowners should follow. Electrical Safety Rules 1. Avoid Contact with Energized Circuits: This is the m...

October 04 , 2018

Important Electrical Factors to Consider for Your New Building
Written by: Drew

When building a new home, most people get so much engrossed in the design aspects that they forget about an important element – the electrical requirements. Getting the electrics wrong can have different consequences. It can mean some inconvenience or some serious safety risks. Doing it wrong can also mean re-doing the wiring and layout, thus increasing the cost. So when it comes to a new construction project, make sure to address the following points duri...

September 20 , 2018

Ways And Means For An Energy Efficient Home
Written by: Cory Magee

It is not just commercial building which can be made energy efficient; even homes and residences, irrespective of whether they are old or new, can adopt means and contribute in the conservation of energy. A little saving goes a long way especially for the power and electrical sector which, till date is still heavily dependent on non-renewable raw materials for its generation and the use of renewable sources for economically viable power generation is still in i...

August 30 , 2018

Precautions That Need To Be Taken When Using Electricity
Written by: Drew

The flow of electricity is different at different points. Thus while a normal socket outlet or a lighting point has a voltage of around 230volts, 3-phase equipments like electric motors have about 420volts. The fundamental hazard associated with working with or using these outlets and equipments is electrocution. Any body contact either between the conductor and Earth or between two conductors can result in electric shock. In fact electric shock from even as li...

August 16 , 2018

Important Electrical Considerations for a Home Renovation Project
Written by: Cory Magee

You may be planning to add a room to your house. It may be a home office or an outdoor kitchen. These can be big renovations and you have to be careful with the planning, ensuring that the electrical factors are also taken into account. You should work with a licensed electrician who has experience with a project like yours. Proper planning can save you money and ensure that the project runs seamlessly. Electrical Capacity When renovating your home, ...

August 02 , 2018