About Crew

Electrical installations and repairs require knowledge and experience. You need professionals you can trust to handle the job and ensure all wiring and fixtures are installed to code. With us at Crew Electrical Services, you get quality installations. The founders Cory Magee and Drew Lunham have a combined experience of over 22 years and have gained experience over the course of their careers. As a company, we can handle all kinds of projects, regardless of their scale and size.

We serve commercial and residential clients in and around Calgary so whether you want to get a full electrical installation done or simply need some repairs, give us a call. We'll be happy to help. We're a licensed, certified, and insured company so you can rely on the quality of our services. Our team of young, motivated, and high-skilled technicians will make sure your electrical system works well.

Cory Magee is a Master Red Seal Electrician and Drew Lunham is a Red Seal Electrician. We also hire technicians and employees who are just as enthusiastic and honest as the founders. This ensures our customers get the best possible service from us. Crew Electrical Services has Small Employer Certificate of Recognition ( SECOR)

About Us

Crew Electrical Services 8 points of culture


I am dedicated to exceeding the customers' expectations on every project. I am dedicated to matching, and raising the bar, of all my team-mates on every project. I only supply and install quality materials that have been tried and tested. This comes a 1-year parts and labour warranty from Crew electrical services to protect your investment. I take pride in providing a lasting installation.


Cleanliness and respect in a customer's space is top priority. Before completion I cleanup the work area daily and at the end of the project. I pride myself on leaving the worksite cleaner than it was prior to my visit. I keep my uniform, vehicle, toolbox, and shop clean out of respect for myself, my team, and my company.


I expect to be on time for each appointment I make with my clients, my team members, and myself. If this cannot be achieved due to unforeseen circumstances I communicate immediately contacting with a revised time-line. Crew electrical services seeks a 0% "Didn't show up "rate.


I always aim to build a better, safer work environment for co-workers, other trades and clients. I am proactive in reporting and correcting unsafe acts and conditions regardless of budgetary or timeline consequences. I will not compromise safety.


I display respect for co-workers, customers, and other trades at all times. I believe in a 'Be part of the solution' and not 'part of the problem' approach; respect is EVERYONE's responsibility.


I appreciate the importance of ever-flowing and open communication as it relates to all parties involved. I am transparent in my communication and I expect transparency in return. I will not hide or neglect to mention information and/or details that could lessen understanding of the situation. The effects of a transparent company culture impact the entire organization and the people it serves.

Solution Driven Atmosphere

I listen to what our customer requests and focus all my energy on HOW it can be done. I will exhaust the extent of my ideas and abilities, and those of my team members, until we find a solution. I will not blame, or list reasons why not; I will concentrate on what CAN be done. I take ownership of my results, decisions, and actions and remain focused on what I can control in every situation.


I trust my team members. I trust in my skills. I trust in my experience. I trust in my points of culture and standards. I ask for, and am grateful for, trust from my customers. Without trust I am only able to do a fraction of what is possible, at higher expense, over a longer time.